Tuesday, September 8, 2009

18 y/o boy gets caught in the act... with himself.


The boys in blue received a call that a young male wearing a bikini was trespassing at a car dealership. Details from the police report: John Hudson was wearing women's lingerie and fish net stockings. He stated that he was masturbating, and has a fetish. A used pink dildo, lotion, women's clothing, and porn mags were found nearby. Hixson Auto Plex is pressing charges.
I would not want to be Mr. or Mrs. Hudson right now.

It's the cops. Quick, get rid of the keg!

Young, reckless, and driving around with a keg in their car. During a routine traffic stop for tail lights, these boys decided to run from the cops. How to hide the evidence? Let's just toss the beer. The police will never notice the whole keg going out the window, right? Wrong, after three miles, and speeds up to 120 MPH, the four delinquents were charged with everything from eluding to drunk driving and underage drinking. Oh, and reckless endangerment for boosting the keg out of a speeding vehicle.

Third time totalled

It starts when a red SUV slams into the back of a car at a light, causing that car to hit another. Then the SUV flees the scene and hits another car a few blocks away. This car is also smashed into the back of another car. Then the SUV clips the side of a building, and crashes head-on into yet another car. The driver then gets out and manages to run away without getting caught.
So, six crunched cars (including the red SUV) and one building with minor damages. You better believe the boys in blue are in hot pursuit of their leads in this case.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Doing donuts leads to doing time

New Jersey-
The boys in blue received a report that someone was having too much fun in a parking lot. When they showed up, they found that he was in a stolen car, and quickly arrested him. Now John Mezzatesta is behind bars, and will only be spinning around in his cell.

Facebook Felonies

If you live in a country where having guns is illegal, you probably shouldn't post pictures of yourself sporting one on the internet... Especially if you are a gang member and wanted by the local police. I guess nobody told that to the boys who recently got nabbed and had their Facebook photos used against them to put them away.

Running scared or scared stupid?

Carson City-

Speeding around when you have an outstanding warrant isn't a good idea. Neither is jumping from a moving vehicle to flee on foot. After deciding to run from the cops, Shawn Sulli hopped a fence to make a quick getaway, and landed in the yard of the Sheriff of Carson City. Since Ken spends his off time listening to his police scanner, he was right there waiting to catch this clueless crook on the way down.

Mug shot courtesy of the local law enforcement

Thursday, September 3, 2009

SUII? (Sleeping Under the Influence?)

So a person spots a man lying face down on the grass and calls 911, afraid the guy is dead or something. Nearby, a police office is inspecting a car parked on the side of the road. The cop comes and finds Devin R. McQuade really drunk and sleeping it off. He then arrests him, charges him with drunk driving, and careless driving.

I would think public intoxication would be acceptable, but when did the boys in blue get to start giving DUIIs for being passed out on the grass in the park?
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